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Driver Booster

Driver Booster

Driver Booster

Driver Booster is an excellent software program to automatically update your drivers. It detects outdated device drives on your PC, finds newer versions online, then downloads and installs them to renew your drivers and ultimately improve the performance of your Windows computer. Driver Booster can identify, backup, and fix outdated, missing, or incorrect drivers on your computer.
It is a system utility tool that can help you update out-of-date and non-functioning drivers. Designed for Windows, the software is beginner-friendly and features a simple interface with a prominent scan button. Clicking on this option helps you access a list of drivers that may be old or outdated. All you need to do is select the drivers you want to update and let the program do its work.

what is driver booster

Driver Booster: What is it? Does it operate?

All things considered, Driver Booster seems to be a great piece of software that may assist you in maintaining the health of your PC by routinely updating your device drivers. It performs scans, looks for out-of-date drivers, and automatically downloads the most recent versions from the internet.
To restart your computer, you only need to hit a few buttons. It utilises hardly any system resources, as far as we can tell. Additionally, it swiftly examines the PC and upgrades drivers.

What is the purpose of Driver Booster?

Without drivers, your computer’s software won’t be able to interact with the hardware installed on your computer. For instance, if you plug a new printer into your PC and send a print command, the printer may not work. The reason behind this is a missing driver, which you must install from a CD or the manufacturers’ website. Once you update the driver, the print command will get accepted, and you’ll get a hardcopy in your hand.

Old and outdated drivers often slow down the computer and create unnecessary issues when running different applications and hardware components. Developed by IObit, Driver Booster Free is a tool that you can utilise to update old drivers, fix lags, and enhance gaming performance. Since it’s difficult to keep track of old drivers, the software scans your PC, identifies drivers with pending updates, and installs them on your PC.

System requirements

The tool has low system prerequisites, so it should work even on older PCs. Here’s what you need:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (either 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • About 1 Gb of free disk space to download and install drivers
  • At least 1024 x 768 screen resolution
System requirements

How to install Driver Booster?

It’s simple to set up this driver update program on your computer. You can choose a different installation folder, read the EULA and privacy statement, design a desktop icon, and pin the icon to the taskbar.

However, you should be aware that Driver Booster also offers to download and install a different program that isn’t actually necessary for it to function. You are free to turn down the offer if you are not interested. As soon as the setup is finished, a driver scan can be started.

Driver Booster Interface

When it comes to the graphical interface, it is user-friendly. It has a good-looking main window with a dark theme, showing a huge button for running scans. A vertical menu on the left side facilitates easy access to the Scan, Boost, Tools, and Action Center.

Driver Booster
Driver Booster

How to use it?

You have only 3 steps to take when using Driver Booster:

  • To check for out-of-date drivers on your system, click the huge Scan button.
  • Click “Update Now” when all out-of-date device drivers have been displayed.
  • To apply the new modifications, your computer might need to be restarted.
  • Additional steps may be necessary, like temporarily disabling your antivirus and other security software. Moreover, you might go offline when attempting to update network drivers.

Driver Booster free version

Most users will be happy to know there’s a forever-free version of it, which doesn’t have any time limitations. However, you can’t use some options. For example, you can’t instruct the tool to automatically back up drivers so that you can safely restore them later. Furthermore, it can’t auto-download, install and update drives while the system is idle.

To enjoy the full package, you have to buy Driver Booster Pro. On the bright side, you can test the pro features in a free trial. If you get a software license, you will receive a 1-year subscription to Driver Booster Pro for 3 PCs.

Free vs Pro

Following is a quick list of everything you get with Driver Booster Pro that you won’t find in the free edition:

  • Drivers get backed up automatically
  • Drivers automatically download, install, and update for you
  • More drivers
  • Faster download speeds
  • Fix some errors found in your devices
  • Install components necessary for gaming
  • The program itself updates automatically
  • Free technical support